As a child I made elaborate troll houses out of paper and boxes as a substitute for the dollhouse I wanted from the Sears catalog, but didn’t get for Christmas.  Using different mediums, such as colored pencil, ink, and a technique with intricately cut paper, I created my dream dollhouses.  Looking back, I’m glad I was challenged to make something out of nothing!
Cutting and assembling paper shapes and colors into delicate images fascinates me, whether using vintage or modern papers. I have even used a page of Braille text I found in the scrap box at school! Tiny scissors and surgical tweezers are the tools that work best for my small design work.  There’s a little box on my work table filled with a collection of odd bits of paper. I love it when one lost scrap finds its way to just the right spot in one of my designs. 

     Teaching first grade brought me in touch with creative and inspirational six year olds on a daily basis. I love seeing children bundled up in brightly colored, mismatched snow clothes. Such lovely shapes and colors.  My goal for each piece of art is to capture that children’s sense of joy and humor.  I’ve been told my art has a whimsical voice; definitely inspired by the children in my life!


I've recently had the honor of being interviewed for a journal featuring women in art!

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Les Femmes Folles.


I am featured in the 2014 May/June issue of the magazine

Inspired Living Omaha!  

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My article starts on page 17 of the magazine!


My artwork titled, "Peace on Earth" is in a place of honor it's owner's

beautiful home. I was invited over to see where it has been placed

and I am thrilled to see it hanging in the heart of their home.



The artist, Lisa Worrall,
at the Dundee Gallery in Omaha, NE
where she is one of their featured artists.


My House!


y living room, to me, is an extension of my art, cards, life....everything.  It says so much about who I am.  All of the art in my house are pieces I created, most of it with cut paper.  Obviously this way of expressing myself has been evolving for a very long time. When people come to my house for the first time, they are surprised, it is not like most houses."

My dining room chairs are a collection of mismatched vintage chairs, each painted a different color!


Ready for Christmas


My Studio!

    This is my wall of cards!

                    One of my favorite cards.
"When one chapter ends... a new one begins.

Photo shoot for Inspired Living magazine!  My house is featured in the May/June 2014 issue!


These hand painted stairs are a colorful welcome into my home!

Paper mache pieces I made out of recycled materials are displayed in my kitchen.

This is an acrylic painting I did of my dear little friend, Charlie. He was the best...

Zinnias in my garden!


Some of my other projects: